Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How To Write A Complimentary Letter

Read a letter sent to the President of one of the largest hearing aid retail companies in the US.
This letter was written on my company stationary. As president of IPA, I felt sending a letter from one corporate head to another would be the correct approach.

November 28, 2005

Dr. Paul A. Brown
1250 Northpoint Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33407-1912

Dear Dr. Brown;

I wanted to write to you to let you know about your exceptional audiologist Mr. Robert Rosengarten who helped my 91 year old father correct some issues with a new pair of Siemens digital hearing aids we purchased at another one of your locations. Mr. Rosengarten who is located at your Monmouth Mall location in Eatontown, New Jersey did more for us in the one visit then a number of visits at two of your other locations.

My dad originally resided in Deerfield Beach, Florida and was moved north to stay with my family in Long Island, New York. The first set of hearing aids we purchased had to be returned to the Florida store because we just couldn’t get them to fit or work correctly. Part of the problem, I am sure, was the limited time he still had in Florida before the move to New York and not having family in Florida to help him with the hearing aids and the problems.

We ended up returning these hearing aids purchased in Florida (that didn’t seem to do the job) and purchased a more expensive and supposedly more powerful set of Siemens Prisma 2 P BTE in the Glen Cove, Long Island store. We also had issues with these, regarding the fit and the correct adjustment for optimum hearing and were tempted to simply return these for a refund as well.

My father came to visit me for the Holiday week (I live in New Jersey) and I decided to take one more shot and scheduled an appointment at your Eatontown store where, Mr. Rosengarten works. Mr. Rosengarten is a warm and friendly gentleman with a great deal of patience. This and his professional expertise helped my father (who was not able to hear a thing) with these Siemen hearing aids. Through a number of tweaks on the computer and verbal tests, he helped my father gain some of this lost hearing. Although, we know it will never be back to what it was and we still might have to go back for some more adjustments, for now my father can take part in conversations and will not feel as desolate and isolated as he had been before.

I would like to thank you and your staff at this time for employing staff like Mr. Rosengarten and wish your company continued success and a happy holiday season.


Leonard Rapoport

International Press Association

See his answer to this letter in my next post...

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