Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't get angry, get even...

My name is Len Rapoport and I am a photographer - journalist - corporate communications and marketing consultant and past sales executive and business owner.

I work from my home office in New Jersey and
own and run a web member based global organization called International Press Association. As the president and founder of IPA with hundreds of photographers, journalists and videographers from all parts of the world as members, it is my job to set the example for our members and show them how to write commercial reviews and articles and how to take commercial quality photos.
I actually don't know much about blogs, which is quite funny considering and spend most of my days online. I suppose I just don't have time to do any personal surfing unless I am gathering information for an article I am writing for my site or doing searches for items I may want to purchase. I also think that I am not the type to read other peoples personal thoughts about their lives and opinions on just about everything that happens in their lives...and yet here I am starting a new blog. I decided this blog would be one that would share my thoughts on things that get me mad and would probably get you mad too. It will also be a place to acknowledge those that do the right thing and deserve to be recognized and applauded.

You know so many of us have had good and bad experiences. There are times however that you just can't take it anymore. Maybe you would love to just publish these experiences to either expose those that are truly "Bad Boys & Girls". Maybe you are not sure how to write a letter to a company that needs to be told about a negative experience you had. On the other side, you may want to write them because you were so pleased with their company, product or employee and you really want to compliment them in a public or private way. For all of you, this blog will show you how to do both.

So what you will see on this blog will be the things I can't or just don't think is appropriate (good and bad) to post on my companies web site. If you visit the IPA web site at:

you will see some articles and reviews I have written. Some deal with the importance of being an advocate for the elderly, while others might simply be a review of a travel destination, trade or consumer show or product. You can read my latest review on the wonderful Vallarta Palace Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by clicking here.

This blog will be a place for me to unwind and do some personal writing and hopefully be an enlightening place for you to come to learn how to fight for your rights too.

One friend told me that I was great to have as a friend, but he would hate to have me as an enemy. I suppose it is because I am the kind of guy that will take the time to write the letter to a company to compliment them when they deserve it. I am also the guy, to write the letter to a company, to complain about something they are just not getting right.

Hopefully, my successes being an advocate for my friends and family and in some cases others will help you deal a bit more effectively with corporate America or government and will find a way to take back control of your lives. Over the many years of successful letter writing and aggressive action both in the courts and through the articles that have written, I have discovered certain techniques that work and I will share them with you.

Yesterday my sister-in-law suggested I start a business to help others seek justice and possibly become their advocates. At this stage of my life, I would rather teach others how to do-it-themselves. Thanks Cathy for the idea for this new blog, hope it helps others.

Thank you all for visiting and come back often.


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