Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jet Blue Airlines causes massive chaos

Jet Blue does it again.  Thousands stranded at New York's JFK International Airport

December 29, 2010...Well, we thought we earned a rest, but the massive snow storm that his our area and the cancellation of flights for days caused us to cancel our plans.  You can see a video we did showing how poorly Jet Blue Airlines dealt with this problem the day after the storm. Thousands of people were told to come to the airport, only to wait for many hours and then have Jet Blue cancel their flights.  I spent 10 hours at the airport only to find my flight was cancelled. 
You will never find me on a Jet Blue flight in the future...they simply had no idea of what they were doing and should never have even attempted to do business if they didn't have the crews or equipment to deliver on their promises.  Shame on Jet Blue for knowing they were going to cancel over 50 flights for hours before they notified waiting passengers. 

No compensation offered, only their 800 telephone number, which you can't get through to for days.  Their should be an investigation on what went wrong and the lack of security at the airport on December 28th.  This would have been an easy target for anyone looking to cause harm to American travelers that day. IPA is calling for a full investigation and hope others will do the same.

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