Saturday, March 6, 2010

New review - Navigator of the Seas - IPA web site

I know this blog is supposed to show you how to contact corporations to discuss good or bad things they are doing. Well you may wonder why I am posting this review of a recent cruise I took.

There is no better way of getting heard by large and small companies then by publishing an article or review, good or bad about their products and services.

As president of IPA, I have found a great deal of power in being able to tell my stories on our web site. Our IPA members can do the same. Imagine sending the link to this review to all the executives at RCL. By doing so, they realize I have the ability to help them do more business and that only strengthens my relationship with their company.

Check out my just published article and review of Royal Caribbean Cruise lines Navigator of the Seas. I shot hundreds of photos using my Nikon D90 and video clips too and after two weeks of work, ended up with a 33 minute video and a super review.

If you are interested in cruising, photography, travel or writing reviews, this is one article you won't want to miss. Visit my site at:

Read some of my other reviews too, as a member of IPA you too can get your message out, Loud and Clear.

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