Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Videotape Your Puppy, Kitten or Baby Pets, You Won't Be Sorry

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Videotape Your Puppy, Kitten or Baby Pets, You Won't Be Sorry

Get Ready To Produce Your Best Videos Ever

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy or kitten or other little friend you may not even think of capturing the first few days of having your new pet, I can tell you that you will regret it.
Follow my easy steps below and you too can have memories that will last for years and ones that you can share with all your friends and relatives too.
You will need...
* A digital camera that allows you to take videos. I use my Nikon D90 DSLR which takes digital images and videos too. Most of the point and shoot digitals also allow you to take videos and now you can do it using your iPhone or iPod.
* Video camera that takes videos only.
* Computer Editing Software, Macs come with iMovie that will enable you to do this. There are many other programs that make it easy to produce and save your video for the web or to burn on a DVD.
Check out your camera or iPod or other device and make sure it works properly before you begin your production.
Make sure the batteries are charged and you have enough memory to shoot your video. If you intend on being in the video, then mount your camera on a tripod or other suitable device that will allow it to film you with your pet. If your camera comes with a timer or remote, that will make it even easier for you to film yourself. It is always nice to have a friend or family member that can shoot the video for you.
When you get your new friend home set up an area to take your first video...
We selected a small area of our hallway that has a large mirrored area on our closet doors. I chose this because we could keep our puppy confined so I could film him easily and thought the mirror would make a nice prop to see how he reacted to seeing himself for the first time.
Have some toys or play things and maybe even some other people for your film...
Children or another pet are great for the interaction. You can see from my video of Georgie that the family and their comments make this even more fun. After all, part of the excitement in watching your videos is not only to see your babies antics, but yours too.
Keep the video short and compact...
If it is too long it will tend to be boring, so keep it short and if need be you can shoot a bit longer, but be prepared to edit it so it is no longer then 3-4 minutes in length. If you intend on publishing your video on YouTube, it must be under 10 minutes in length so keep this in mind when filming and editing.
Remember to take lots of photos of your new family member too, they will grow very quickly and you will regret you didn't take more videos and photos when they were little babies.
Now Georgie is 2 years old and he is still my little boy and a star in my home.
* You don't have to spend a lot of money for a good digital camera that will shoot videos.
* There is a lot of free movie editing software for both PC and Mac. Some of the best is available for a 30 day free trail too.
* Have some tissues or clean up supplies, as you can see Georgie had a little accident. They will get excited so be prepared.
* Once you have your video you can upload it to YouTube, Hubpages, Facebook, MySpace and many other sites and share it with your friends and relatives.
* Don't use hot lights or have anything that could be dangerous that your puppy or kitten can end up getting hurt. With all the new digital cameras, there is no need to have additional lights unless you are shooting in a dark area. Open the shades, pick a spot where there is plenty of natural light and have fun.

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