Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On The Passing Of My Grandfather

On The Passing Of My Grandfather

By Andrew Rapoport - 3/22/2007

My grandfather was a great man. More than anything, he cherished and cared for his family. He left behind a family tree that he often told me he was very, very proud of.

In the last few weeks he was awake, it was apparent that my grandfather's defining quality was likeability and his sense of humor. He defined the quality that we all refer to when we talk about what it means to be a Rapoport. It’s that likeability and sense of humor that we possess that makes us different from any others. He also instilled that natural work ethic and sales ability that so many of us received.

So I cry tears of pride and respect today but I try not to cry tears of sadness.

When I think about the fact that Grandpa was married to the same woman for over 50 years, raised 3 successful sons and had 9 grandchildren. After Grandma left us, he was lucky enough to spend over 15 years with his wonderful young love Arnel (she is 93 years young). When I consider that he was always committed to his relationships and supported his family, when I realize that for most of his life, he was healthy and happy and able to participate; when I remember him, I remember him as a funny but shrewd man, with a voice of wisdom;

I cry tears of admiration and I try not to cry tears of sadness,
because tears of sadness aren't befitting of the memory of my Grandfather.

Just as his life wasn't sad, his death isn’t a tragedy. He can finally be at peace because I know that his young mind made it hard for him to endure the last years of his life. It’s rare a man lives a full enough life so that even others can look back upon his legacy and beam with positivity and smiles.

Join me today, not in tears of sadness, but in tears of celebration of a life well lived.

Grandpa we’ll miss and love you and will never forget the great memories we have.

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